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For the growth but also for the stable production of a nursery unit, it is necessary to optimize all the processes. Among them is the sowing process, for the optimization of which the use of sowing machines is one-way choice.

The sowing machines can work with any kind of tray, such as styrofoam, hard or soft plastic, etc.

Indicative features:

  • Production of a seed sower 2,400 lines per hour
  • Drum seed production from 650 to 1,200 tray per hour
  • Operation with any tray on the market up to 750x500mm
  • Digitally controlled via touch color screen

Expandable with options for:

  • Peat or soil auto feed
  • Tray auto feeding
  • Tray filling
  • Watering / Wetting after sowing
  • Vermiculite deposition
  • Transportation by conveyor belts
  • Auto stacking planted trays

Another popular starter add on for seeding machines, is a Soil Conditioning machine, helping reducing the time of mixing and preparation of the soil or soil/turf mixture, by automatically accounting for the correct quantity and moisture of the mixture.

For medium volume productions, there is alternatively a step sower with pneumatic function, and a yield of 1,700 rows per hour with a maximum tray size of 600 x 400mm.

Soil Mixers

Automatic soil mixers  that can be used in conjunction with tray seeders


  • Automatic mixing, humidification & feeding of the soil mixture
  • Automatic water flow control
  • Digital screen control
  • Electronic mixture weighing
  • Sowing bucket level sensors
  • Capacity 1150-2100 liters

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