Measuring Instruments

Geotechnology provides a wide variety of measuring instruments for all crop needs and more. All types of instruments are readily […]

Metal Water Tanks

The tanks are made of curved, corrugated, steel plates. These are hot-dip galvanized for a long service life of the […]

“Bag” type tanks

Covering the market need for a flexible water storage system, without infrastructure requirements, extremely fast installation and movement, extremely durable […]

Tray seeding machines

For the growth but also for the stable production of a nursery unit, it is necessary to optimize all the […]

Transplanting Machines

Fully automated transplanting machines save significant time compared to manual transplants, while plant losses are zero, so the return on […]

Soil Blocking Machines

Simple and reliable machines for small productions, with a purely mechanical function. λειτουργία. In their simplest form, they are combined […]

Anti-Insect nets

Designed to protect crops from a large number of insects The proper insect protection nets are fully effective against all […]


Nebulizers are the ideal solution for spraying large areas. Their design is the result of an extended aerodynamic study. The […]

Spraying Units

For maximum effectiveness of crop spraying, Geotechnology offers mobile spraying carts for both greenhouse and open field crops. Specially designed […]

Transport trolleys

To serve the transport needs of crop fields and greenhouses, we are offering the most fitting solutions in the market […]

Greenhouse Harvest Trolleys

Geotechnlogy offers harvest trolleys for every need and crop, either pushed of self propelled, with the option of adjustable height […]

Growing Benches

By choosing crop and tray benches by Geotechnology , you maximize work efficiency and space ergonomics. With the different models […]

Watering Booms

Automatic mobile irrigation bοοms for seedlings, potted crops greenhouses and for outdoor crops. Watering booms are designed and built based […]

Seedling Nursery Machines

Automatic or semi-automatic planting machines offer great Optimization of production and immediate depreciation with time and labor savings. The range […]

Germination Chambers

Germination chambers offer insulation from the external environment, in order to recreate the optimal conditions needed for the stimulation of […]

Ground Covers

With densities of 105 to130 gr/msqr and weaving from polypropylene yarn, it is ideal for hydroponic crops, nurseries, greenhouses and […]

Hydroponic Equipment

Hydroponic Cultivations Hydroponic cultivation is the most modern method in greenhouse crops. This technique is providing the most accurate control […]

Fertigation Irrigation Solutions

In Geotechnology, from the late 80’s, evaluating the importance of correct and accurate fertigation and realizing that existing methods where […]

Fertigation heads

Depending on the size and requirements of the crop, in geotechnology we offer solutions, fully adaptable to the requirements of […]

Greenhouse cooling

During summer period, a very important factor in achieving ideal growing conditions is to maintain the temperature and humidity at […]

Shading and Energy Saving Screens

Geotechnology, a pioneer in the installation of screen systems, since 1988 in greenhouses throughout Greece, with over 1,000 Ha. of […]


Geotechnology provides design services for the design and implementation of integrated heating systems. The heating systems are designed according to […]

Automated Climate Management

Reliable and accurate control of climatic conditions inside the greenhouse is the most important parameter for proper growth, control of […]

Air Recirculation Fan System

Fan recirculation systems have become widespread and their use can reduce the problems of high relative humidity concentrations, thus avoiding […]

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