Greenhouse Design & Study

In Geotechnology, the approach of each project, whether it is a complete design (Turnkey), or partial equipment, or improvement, is based on 3 pillars, on which a preliminary investigation is carried out, the design, the study and finally the implementation of the Project.


For Geotechnology, the Grower always comes first, aiming at transparency and mutual agreement, we always carry out every step, from design to implementation, together.

In this context, at the design stage, the realization of the Grower needs investigation is equally basic, having as a basic guide the absolute satisfaction and the optimal performance, the solutions we propose are in line with the available financial figures, the maximum functionality. and the confidence that long-term reliability ensures.

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Through our many years of experience, we are able to propose the best solutions depending on the needs and specifics of the crop.

The solutions we propose are always tested and follow the latest developments, having direct access to the know-how of the leading industries in greenhouse growers.

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Cultivation conditions

The prevailing climatic and soil conditions have a decisive role in the choice of equipment, the technical specifications, even in the implementation strategy of the project.

Therefore, it is important for us to precede a relevant study in order to ensure not only the cultivation but also the integrity of the equipment, in the long run.


After the initial phase of the investigation and design of the project, all the technical specifications, design proposals, the realization plan of the project as well as a thorough economic and technical study are delivered.

Following the agreement of the first phase, the design study is completed, with detailed infrastructure plans, technical plans of the greenhouse, systems and subsystems as well as a detailed implementation schedule.

During the realization, the specialized engineers of Geotechnology, provide continuous monitoring, coordination of workshops and information, thus ensuring the alignment of the implementation of the project with the initial design and study, both in quality and time standards.

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