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Basic equipment for nursery

  • Arched greenhouse with a minimum height of 3.5 m
  • Three-layer polyethylene film Fertilization system (Fertigation Head)
  • Single rail irrigation bars
  • Multiparametric water quality measuring instrument (in line)
  • Roof ventilation controller
  • Hot water heating system
  • Seedling tray benches
  • Ground cover cloth
  • Seeding machine
  • Peat/soil Mixing and conditioning machine
  • Germination isothermic chamber with humidity and temperature control equipment

Modern nursery equipment

  • Gothic type greenhouse with a minimum gutter height of 4m.
  • Automatic lubrication and irrigation control system
  • Double rail watering bars, recoil
  • Metal water storage tank
  • Automatic greenhouse climate control system
  • Fan & Pad Cooling System
  • Shading and energy saving screen
  • Hot water heating system
  • Seedling tray benches
  • Integrated planting management line (Soil conditioning,tray Filling, Seeding, watering, tray stacking)
  • Transplanting machine
  • Circulation fans
  • Ground cover cloth
  • Insect protection nets
  • Germination isothermic chamber with autonomous heating-cooling-humidification and automatic management system

Those were a general suggestion

Each greenhouse is a completely personalized study, to discuss your needs and the study of your own greenhouse contact us .

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