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Cannabis can be grown under specific legislation and specifications of the end product according to its use, which can be medical or industrial. In general, growing medical cannabis requires much more effort and the investment should cover not only the production area, but an entire facility of a vertical production (seed to end product).

Basic equipment for growing Cannabis

  • Arched greenhouse with a minimum height of 4m
  • Three-layer polyethylene film
  • Fertilization and irrigation system with integrated PH / EC monitoring
  • Roof ventilation controller
  • Heating system with air heaters
  • Blackout screen system
  • Mist cooling system
  • Circulation fans

Modern greenhouse equipment for growing Cannabis

  • Gothic type or glazed greenhouse with a minimum gutter height of 4m.
  • 7-layer polyethylene film or polycarbonate panels
  • Automatic control system for fertilization and irrigation
  • Metal water storage tank
  • Greenhouse climate control system
  • Fan & Pad Cooling System
  • Blackout Screen system
  • Energy saving screen system
  • Hot water heating
  • Circulation fans

Those were a general suggestion

Each greenhouse is a completely personalized study, to discuss your needs and the study of your own greenhouse contact us .

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