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Geotechnlogy offers harvest trolleys for every need and crop, either pushed of self propelled, with the option of adjustable height in all versions.

Harvest trolleys are extremely useful not only for the crop routines (Harvesting, pollination, pruning, etc), but also for the maintenance of the greenhouse and its equipment.

Pushed Trolleys

  • With inflatable wheels (all terrain) or for pipe rail systems.
  • Height adjustable Platform (Manual)
  • Manual propelling and steering for the all terrain editions

Self Propelled Trolleys

  • All terrain and pipe rail options
  • Proportional speed control
  • Up to 500w electrical motor
  • 16 to 24 hours of use with a single charge
  • Height adjustable Platform (Manual)
  • Manual steering (only All terrain)

Self propelled platform trolleys

  • Limited machine width (60-80cm)
  • Hydraulic working platform
  • All terrain and pipe rail options
  • Fully electrical movement and steering
  • Up to 300kg lifting capacity
  • Power 800W
  • Joystick for movement operation

Those were a general suggestion

Each greenhouse is a completely personalized study, to discuss your needs and the study of your own greenhouse contact us .

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