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Fan recirculation systems have become widespread and their use can reduce the problems of high relative humidity concentrations, thus avoiding significant crop diseases which are mostly due to increased RH levels.

Air Recirculation also enables:

  • Uniform distribution of hot air
  • Cooling uniformity when combined with a mist system, avoiding local moisture concentrations
  • Uniform distribution of suspensions from plant protection and fertilizer sprays, especially when spraying is carried out using Nebulizers.

Recirculation fans are characterized by the air supply and the distance they cover in length (Range-Throw).

So, there are options available

  • With flow rates from 3,000 m3 / h to 8,000 m3 / h and a range of 40m
  • With flow rates from 3,000 m3 / h to 8,000 m3 / h and a range of 45m

While, there are options in high efficiency fans:

  • Single phase with flows from 4,800 m3 / h to 8,700 m3 / h and range from 45m to 65m
  • Three-phase with flows from 5,000 m3 / h to 9,200 m3 / h and range from 45m to 69m

Those were a general suggestion

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