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Reliable and accurate control of climatic conditions inside the greenhouse is the most important parameter for proper growth, control of pathogens and high yields of the crop.

Now, in every modern greenhouse crop, climate control is carried out exclusively with the use of electronic controllers, while at the same time they offer protection of the greenhouse from extreme weather phenomena.

Taking real-time data of indoor and outdoor climatic conditions, such as temperature, relative humidity, solar intake, wind speed and direction, etc., the control system intervenes in all greenhouse systems and equipment in order to keep the climatic conditions of the crop in optimal range.

AS Geotechnology, being one of the first companies in the field that brought to the Greek grower automatic control solutions, does offer the most ideal and most modern solutions for the Greek greenhouse crops and the Greek climate.

The solutions offered by AS Geotechnology are divided into 2 categories, in “Small Scale” and “Medium-Large Scale” solutions.

These 2 categories are defined in terms of cultivation requirements, climatic conditions and the number of greenhouse systems and equipment. The size of the crop, in area, does not necessarily constitute the measure of separation into Small Medium or Large Scale.

1. Solutions for Small Scale Crops

The following series are a simple and reliable solution for controlling systems and conditions, using autonomous units, depending on the requirements.

These control units can be used to control climate and conditions in addition to greenhouses, rootstocks and germination chambers.

Autonomous Heating Control Units – HP1 Series

Exclusively for the operation of heating systems, with controller options for:

  • Control up to 2 heating units
  • Thermostatic control of up to 2 zones
  • Alarm Function
  • Maximum minimum temperature logging

Autonomous Window Control Units (Natural Ventilation) – HP2 Series

For linear control of Windows in a zone based on the temperature inside the greenhouse.

Storm Protection Unit – HP3 Series

This unit act as a safety system for the greenhouse, closing the windows in case strong winds are detected.

Autonomous Temperature Control Units – HP4 Series

This unit regulates the temperature by controlling the heating system and the cooling system ( fan and pad system).

  • Heating system control
  • Cooling Pump Control
  • Cooling Fan Control in 4 groups
  • Ability to control up to 4 zones

Autonomous Relative Humidity Control Unit – HP5 Series

The units of this series are designed for the control of humidification systems of greenhouses, rootstocks and sprouts.

By controlling either humidifiers in closed chambers or mist systems (Fog-Misting), where in this case the room temperature can be adjusted, through the cooling achieved by the fog system at the same time.

2. Solutions for Medium and Large Scale Crops

Smart Control

With extensive synchronization capabilities of all greenhouse systems, integrated digital controller solutions provide the ability to optimize crop conditions, taking into account parameters such as

  • Indoor and outdoor relative humidity
  • Temperature
  • Solar radiation
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Rain sensing and Volume

PID controllers, extensive programming capabilities as well as extensive connectivity capabilities with smart devices and remote control platforms are utilized to create preventive and real-time action scenarios to maintain climatic conditions within optimal range.


By constantly monitoring the meteorological conditions, the advanced surveying arrays prevent catastrophic damage to the crop and the construction of the greenhouse, which can be caused by storms, frost, rain or heavy snowfall.

Systems Control

Roof and Side Windows

  • Control based on temperature, relative humidity and solar radiation
  • Windward and leeward window recognition
  • Compensation adjustments accounting for the effect from the position of the shading screen
  • Compensation adjustment according to the operation of the cooling system

Shading and Energy Saving Screen

  • Control based on humidity and temperature inputs both inside and out of the greenhouse
  • Separate settings for shading and energy saving

Mist System
For cooling and regulation of  RH

  • Temperature and humidity control
  • 3 operating periods
  • Multiple mist systems

Heating system

  • Possibility to control air boiler, hot water boiler, hot water air heaters, hot water mixing valve and hot water circulator
  • Heating temperature regulation influenced by solar radiation
  • Adjustment of hot water temperature influenced by solar radiation, outside temperature, wind speed
  • Dehumidification function
  • Pump maintenance program

Recirculation fans

  • Control based on humidity, temperature, curtain position, mist and heating status.

Those were a general suggestion

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