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During summer period, a very important factor in achieving ideal growing conditions is to maintain the temperature and humidity at ideal levels.

The most modern and commonly used cooling methods are the high pressure fog systems and the “Fan & Pad” systems.

Both systems are a ground of specialization of Geotechnology, with experience in the design and implementation of cooling systems in all kind of greenhouse crops, as well as in germination rooms.

1. High Pressure Fog System

One of the most modern and efficient cooling system in crops where the reduction of temperature and at the same time the increase of the relative humidity are required.

High Pressure Fog systems are suitable for

  • Greenhouses of all types, but usually in relatively limited sizes (up to 10 acres)
  • Rootstocks
  • Germination chambers

High Pressure Fog system benefits

  • Temperature reduction
  • Increase in relative humidity
  • Temperature uniformity throughout the greenhouse, regardless of external conditions.
  • Humidification and cooling by the same unit.
  • Extremely small droplets (2-10μm) which are suspended and evaporated immediately, without settling on the foliage (depending on the height of the crop and the height of the greenhouse).
  • Low electricity consumption.
  • Ideal for crops with high planting density.
  • Increase in relative humidity without the development of diseases due to leaf wetting.
  • Able to be controlled controlled by dedicated RH/T controller or by a greenhouse management system.
  • Quick and easy installation.

System features:

  • High Pressure Spray Cooling and Humidification (> 70Bar)
  • Distribution network with polyamide pipes
  • Droplet size 2-10μm
  • Stainless steel or brass chrome-plated fittings and nozzles
  • Serviceable nozzles with Anti-Drip valve
  • Assembly with quick connectors on the entire pipe network.

2. Fan and Pad Cooling System

The Fan & Pad system is the most efficient cooling solution, able to cover the largest greenhouse units.

Based on the principle of evaporative cooling, it uses a forced air flow through the wet panel, so the air that passes through the greenhouse, has a reduced temperature and saturation in humidity.

“Fan & Pad” Advantages

  • Reduce the temperature by increasing the relative humidity
  • Uniform cooling throughout the height of the greenhouse, if an installation study has been prepared
  • RH increase without creating condensation in the foliage and the resulting diseases.
  • Excellent plant ventilation
  • Ability to control by standalone Humidity temperature controller or by climate controller
  • Quick and easy installation in Glass and Plastic greenhouses

System features:

  • Cellulose paper  Panel with antibacterial and biocidal treatment
  • Fans from 22,500m3 / h to 44,500m3 / h
  • Aluminum gutters
  • Complete pumping station with water tanks

Those were a general suggestion

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