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Designed to protect crops from a large number of insects

The proper insect protection nets are fully effective against all insects, while providing maximum ventilation.

Large variety of mesh sizes available, adapted to targeted protection with minimal ventilation efficiency loss.

They are ideally installed in all openings of the greenhouse, for the creation of insect proof access corridors, installation in outdoor crops, etc.

ΌAll insect protection nets are custom made in any dimension and for any use. It is also possible to sew the nets with woven polyethylene film.


Mesh SizesPorosityAir speed decrease rateWeight
Efficacy against
6×670%70%80Anti Mosquito
Also is used to keep pollination Bumble bees inside the greenhouse and protected from intruding birds
6×956,9%67,4%95Drosophila suzukii (60%)
10×849,8%79,6%100Drosophila suzukii
Tuta absoluta
10×1642,9%85,7%135Aphis gossypii (100%)
10×2035,6%83,1%140Trialeurodes vaporariorum (100%)
10×2231,7%83,3%150Thrips (100%)
Bemisia tabaci (97,6%)
13×3126,2%87,0%105Bemisia tabaci (100%)

Those were a general suggestion

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