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Nebulizers are the ideal solution for spraying large areas. Their design is the result of an extended aerodynamic study. The specially designed inlet, the air control and the conically designed front part, are able to create a very strong, long range air flow.

A timer or electronic controller (Depending on the model) enables operation without the presence of an operator for more than 12 hours which means minimizing user exposure to chemicals.

Nebulizer Advantages:

  • No leaf wetting
  • Directs application of the petrochemicals in inaccessible parts of the plant (lower leaf surface)
  • Uniform distribution and coverage throughout the greenhouse.
  • Zero exposure of the workers to chemicals due to unattended automatic operation.
  • Minimum residues on plants
  • Savings in quantity of petrochemicals
  • Time Savings due to quick application
  • No air compressor required
  • Iridium galvanized frame for corrosion resistance, fixed or wheeled
  • Chemical containers with automatic agitation and level monitoring
  • Special aerodynamic outlet shape for better distribution and throw of the debulized chemicals
  • Special nozzle with large injection hole that does not clog
  • All critical parts are made of plastic (injector, supply valve, turbine, etc.) for resistance to chemicals and corrosion
  • Suitable for liquid and soluble (powders) chemicals
  • Ease of moving the unit due to the wheeled frame
  • Use in any type of crop


Control UnitTimer/Electronic Timer/Electronic controller
Coverage*2.500-5.000 m2
Fan capacity5.400-10.800 m3 /h
Range*60-100 m
Tank capacity12-24 l
Chemical supply0-17 l/h
Drop size10μm (ULV)

*Coverage and throw range are increase if the nebulizer is combined with greenhouse recirculation fans

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