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In Geotechnology, from the late 80’s, evaluating the importance of correct and accurate fertigation and realizing that existing methods where inadequate (manual ferigation, suction venturies etc.), we started pilot applications of automated irrigation and fertigation control, using the then analog controllers, offering an accurate and stable supply of nutrients while at the same time ensuring the control of pH and EC parameters.

Today, having accumulated experience in conventional, hydroponic and outdoor cultivation, we have developed complete solutions, to support any modern crop needs, in collaboration with the biggest manufacturers of electronic control systems.

Geotechnology fertigation systems are designed with maximum precision, simple handling, flexibility and reliability in mind. Geotechnology fertigation heads are fully adaptable to any crop, hydroponic or conventional, horticultural, flowering, aromatic herbs, seedling, etc., either conventional or with fully electronic irrigation and fertigation control.

All in one Irrigation – Fertigation Systems

At Geotechnology we undertake the design and study of complete systems, in the context of Turnkey projects, modernization projects and system installation in an existing unit.

Every complete solution provided by Geotechnology, includes,

  • Fertigation head with lubrication irrigation controller
  • Irrigation water storage tanks and rainwater collection
  • Fertilizer and acid tanks
  • Fertilizer management, distribution and supply network
  • Air agitation system
  • Irrigation / Lubrication Pumps
  • Lubrication head with embedded analog or digital control
  • Irrigation network (Conventional, Hydroponics or outdoor)
  • Irrigation filters
  • Solenoid valves
  • Electrical installation, Distribution and control panels

Those were a general suggestion

Each greenhouse is a completely personalized study, to discuss your needs and the study of your own greenhouse contact us .

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