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Hydroponic Cultivations

Hydroponic cultivation is the most modern method in greenhouse crops. This technique is providing the most accurate control of the nutrients and great protection from diseases and weeds. Hydroponic cultivation produce extremely high crop yields

The hydroponics technique can be either open, where the nutrient solution after irrigation leaks into the soil, or closed, where the nutrient solution is recycled or stored, and reused, after disinfection and enrichment.

Typical System Conviguration

The typical hydroponics systems that designed and realized by Geotechnology are mostly open, inert substrate systems, prefered by the Greek farmers, due to lower investment costs. Closed system implementations are also a big part of our business, that clearly stand out, either with the use of substrate or with the application of nutrient film techniques (NFT).

A typical hydroponic installation includes,

  • Fertigation head
  • Fertigation/Irrigation controller
  • Hydroponics gutters
  • Hydroponics substrate
  • Water and nutrient tanks
  • Hydroponics drippers and spears
  • Ground cover

In any case, Geotechnology has the know-how, the equipment but also the scientific collaborators in order to be able to offer not only a successful implementation but also extensive guidance for starting an efficient crop.

Fertigation Head

Irrigation Standard Configuration Options

  • Irrigation in sectors
  • Control of Irrigation Pumps
  • Control of Sector Valves
  • Irrigation Monitoring (Pressure, flow etc)

Fertigation Standard Configuration Options

  • 2 to 6 fertigation channels, acid and phytosanitary channels. Custom solutions available for 8< channels
  • Venturi valves of 250l/h up to 3000l/h
  • Analogue flow meters for each channel line with manual flow control
  • Fertilizer agitation control

Fertigation / Irrigation Controler

Fertigation and Irrigation controller is designed to embed with the fertigation head and offer full automation.

Capabilities outline

  • EC & pH adjustment
  • Irrigation and fertigation by multiple programs
  • Irrigation management, volume or time based
  • Fytosanitary control
  • Fertigation injection by volume, percentage, or EC and pH targets
  • Solar irrigation/Fertigation
  • Wirless networking of sensors, actuators, solenoid valves etc
  • Remotely configurable via web platform and app.

Hydroponic Gutters

Made out of plastic laminated galvanized steel sheets, rolled directly on site, or supplied on 6m long pieces

Hydroponic Gutters are placed,

  • Directly to the ground
  • On raised ground supports
  • Hanged from the greenhouse structure


Knowing how crucial is the quality of the substrates, for the protection of the crop from diseases, weeds but also for the best yield, we offer only substrates of certified quality from branded suppliers.

Hydroponic substrates are available in a range of dimensions, with the most commonly used materials being,

  • Rock-wool
  • Perlite
  • Peat
  • Coco Peat

Optionally, substrates can be delivered Washed & Buffered, ready for planting.

Hydroponic Water Storage Solutions

Water storage in hydroponic but also in conventional crops is necessary for

  • Irrigation water
  • Concentrated nutrients
  • Ready Nutrients
  • Acids/Bases
  • Fytosanitary products

Additionally, for the closed hydroponic systems, NFT or substrate type, water storing is needed for the recycled nutrient solution as well as for the disinfected water etc.

For capacities up to 2.000 liters, polyethylene tanks are used, for bigger storage demands, silo tanks are available, with a selection of special liners, able to store clean water, drinkable water, chemicals etc, for inside and outside installation.

Those were a general suggestion

Each greenhouse is a completely personalized study, to discuss your needs and the study of your own greenhouse contact us .

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