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For maximum effectiveness of crop spraying, Geotechnology offers mobile spraying carts for both greenhouse and open field crops.

Specially designed with a small footprint for great flexibility between the planting lines.

Τα μηχανήμαThese machines are available in manual, motorized or electric versions. Autonomous versions are also available (Robotics) for hydroponic crops..

Self-propelled sprayers with tank


  • From 7 to 37 hp, gasoline or diesel
  • Tank capacity from 300-500 l
  • Maximum width 80cmOptions with all-wheel drive (4×4, 3×3)
  • Built-in vertical spray bars up to 200cm high
  • Built-in spray pump 50l / min 40 bar

Sprayers for hydroponic crops

Specially made automatic and semi-automatic sprayers, specially for movement on heating pipes (Pipe Rails) between the planting lines


  • Electric with built-in battery
  • Adjustable rail width
  • Semi-automatic with operator or Robotic autonomous

Manual Sprayers

The simplest solution in spraying with wheeled media, offers much faster spraying compared to traditional methods at very affordable prices.


  • Vertical spray bars from 2.5m to 3.5m and with 8 to 12 spray nozzles
  • Adjustable spray width
  • Connection of supply pipe with quick coupler
  • Width 50cm
  • Options with pneumatic wheels or wheels for rails (heating pipes)

Those were a general suggestion

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