Growing Benches

By choosing crop and tray benches by Geotechnology , you maximize work efficiency and space ergonomics. With the different models […]

Watering Booms

Automatic mobile irrigation bοοms for seedlings, potted crops greenhouses and for outdoor crops. Watering booms are designed and built based […]

Seedling Nursery Machines

Automatic or semi-automatic planting machines offer great Optimization of production and immediate depreciation with time and labor savings. The range […]

Germination Chambers

Germination chambers offer insulation from the external environment, in order to recreate the optimal conditions needed for the stimulation of […]

Ground Covers

With densities of 105 to130 gr/msqr and weaving from polypropylene yarn, it is ideal for hydroponic crops, nurseries, greenhouses and […]

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